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Watt Energy Crisis?

By Shopify API July 28, 2022

7,000 + Yards In One Round : What Energy Crisis?

St Andrews Witness The Brisbane Roar

28 July, 2022 - Robert hardie


I played recently at JCB Golf and Country Club in Staffordshire: 7,000+ yards, frequent 350+ feet changes of elevation, and the venue for the Legends Tour, which starts tomorrow.

It was a great experience and every pound of the £millions they have poured into it has been well spent, although it’s a very individual setup: no non-corporate members, invitation-only, and no EG course rating.


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  • "Worried that your battery might not make it around the course? As long as you've charged it you can stop worrying right now!"

    • Robert Hardie

"In many ways, St Andrews is the worst venue to hold the Open Championship. Except all the other ones."

  • Robert Hardie

But I had two big takeaways: both of which I LOVED!

Firstly, you won’t find a tougher course to walk around with an electric trolley and yet our battery ate it up. After way more than 7,000 yards given the amount of zig-zagging we did looking for balls in the punishing rough that’s just off the fairways my 36-hole battery still had 55% left – even our 18-hole would have coped!

 Secondly, my partner and I were walking but the pair we played with had a buggy so I took the opportunity to test how much quicker walking is than driving a buggy.

It’s an urban myth that driving a buggy is quicker than walking: the problem is that you have to drive to at least two different balls on every hole at least twice, whereas if you’re walking you only walk to your own.

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So I timed how much time we spent waiting for the buggy pair to catch us up: it was over 20 minutes.

So I’m counting it as two wins: our battery beat the JCB course and the trolley beat buggy too!

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