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    The X9 Follow is the latest generation of the multi-award winning X-Series from Stewart Golf. Originally launched in 2003 as the X1 Remote, the X-Series is recognised as one of the world's finest remote controlled machines.

    The X9 Follow is specifically designed as a Follow golf trolley, but as well as its “Follow” mode, the X9 Follow also comes with full remote control functionality that existing customers will be familiar with.



    • Bluetooth Technology
    • Rechargeable Lithium Handset
    • Complete Remote Functionality
    • Downhill Braking
    • Integrated Stabiliser
    • V3 Wheel Set (non-metallic)
    • Quick release rear wheels
    • Lithium Battery & Charger
    • Warranty: 24 months
    • Towel Clip
    • Scorecard Holder & Pencil Clip
    • Three golf ball holders
    • Four tee holders
    • Unique serial number plaque
    • Adjustable handset cradle
    • Anti-rotation bag straps
    • Quick release strap handles

    Want to demo the X9 Follow?

    ag.jpgThe X9 Follow is now available to demo from either of the American Golf tour trucks. Covering the whole of the country you can now try out the X9 Follow in your local American Golf store.

    To find out when the tour truck is in a store near you click here.

    How it works

    The Follow system
    In addition to the bluetooth electronics system, there are two further antennas that power the X9 Follow.

    Mounted on each of the rear motors, the two antennas work together to create two zones; a neutral zone and an active zone.

    When the handset is inside the neutral zone, the X9 Follow will remain stationary. As the handset enters the active zone, the X9 Follow's electronics system will automatically & independently alter the speed of each rear motor to keep its pace. When the golfer (and therefore the handset) come to a stop, the X9 Follow will continue until the handset is back inside the neutral zone when it will also stop. The effect is that of digital elastic band, which stretches and contracts as you walk.

    Practically the system is designed to be as user friendly as possible, so use is as simple as:


    • Press the green 'follow' button and walk in front of the X9 Follow. The machine will fall in behind you and keep your walking pace.
    • When you reach your ball & stop, the X9 Follow will also stop.
    • Put the handset on the cradle, select your club and take your shot.
    • Replace your club, put the handset back on your back pocket/belt and resume walking.
    • The X9 Follow will again pick up your pace.
    • If you stop for any reason (such as to let another player take a shot), the X9 Follow will stop behind you automatically. When you are ready, just start walking again and the X9 Follow will start again automatically.

    Remote mode
    When you are approaching the tee or finding your ball in the long grass you may want to switch your X9 Follow into remote mode so you can send it off in your desired direction.

    To switch to remote mode all you have to do is press any of the directional buttons on the handset and full remote control functionality will be available. From up to 50m you can speed the machine up and down, steer it left or right and stop it using either the orange 'glide stop' or red 'emergency stop' buttons. If you prefer to have the machine in front of you sometimes, you have the option of setting two 'cruise control' speeds to suit your walking pace.

    Once you are back in the Active Zone, you can switch back to Follow mode by pressing the green Follow button

    Manual mode
    In car parks or on paths, place the handset onto the cradle and set the trolley to travel at a constant speed by pressing either the forward button or one of the programmable cruise control buttons.

    Using this method of steering over Remote or Follow will give you greater control over the trolley, ensuring you avoid any accidental collisions.

    Dimensions & Weight

    With rear wheels
    Height: 32cm
    Width: 66cm
    Length: 82cm

    Without rear wheels
    Height: 31cm
    Width: 63cm
    Length: 82cm

    X9 Follow: 14.1kg
    Battery & Charger: 3kg

    Tech Spec

    EU Made
    12V microprocessor control
    H-bridge technology
    Bluetooth Class 1
    LED on rear cover

    Battery & Charger
    12v Lithium
    2 year warranty
    Size: 185 x 180 x 80mm
    Weight: 3kg

    British Made
    Power: 2 x 190 watts
    Speed: 1500-1800 rpm
    Ferrite Magnets
    Single piece steel body
    Aluminium end casings
    Replaceable carbon brushes

    British Made
    25:1 Ratio
    Sealed for life
    Steel worm shaft
    CNC machined aluminium housing
    Cushioned 3-piece coupling
    Steel output shaft with 2 ball-bearings
    4 way drive

    Extended Capacity 30Ah battery specification (Optional)

    Type: LiFePO4 (Lithium Phosphate)
    Voltage: 12 Volts nominal 
    Capacity: 30 Amp hour
    Weight: 4Kg 
    Life: More than 250 cycles (see below)
    Warranty: 2 years
    Management: Internal integrated cell management system
    Connection: Output Torberry
    Accessories: Quality fitted soft-touch protection bag

    Charger: Input 100/240V, 50/60 Hz   Output 14.6V, 5 Amp
    Charger Time: Up to 7 hours
    Size: 155mm x 70mm x 50mm ( 6.1” x 2.7” x 2.0”)

    • In labratory conditions over 250 simulated golf cycles, the battery can be expected to lose 15% capacity.
    • The battery can be expect to lose 2-3% capacity per year through cell degredation, compared with a lead/acid battery which can lose 8-9% per year.
    • During testing of the battery with the Stewart Golf X-Series , its average use was 12-15Ah of the 20Ah battery per round of golf.

    Part Exchange

    For a limited time only we are offering you the chance to part exchange your X-Series or F1 Lithium trolley for a brand new X9 Follow. Regardless of the age or condition, if your trolley works we will give you a fixed value for your machine. The amounts are outlined below.

    When your new trolley arrives we would advise using the box to pack your old trolley up to send in to us. All part exchange values will be returned upon receipt of the trolley. If you would prefer Stewart Golf to collect your trolley this can be done at a cost of £20. Collections from outside the UK will be charged at £40. Collections can be made from Monday to Friday.

    Part Exchange values:
    X1R: £200
    X3R: £200
    X5 Remote: £300
    X7 Lithium: £350
    X9 Remote: £425
    X9 Follow: £500
    F1 Lithium: £300

    If your trolley has a Lead Acid battery we do not require your old battery back in return however if it has a Lithium Battery please put this in the box with the trolley prior to collection. Part Exchange values will be refunded on receipt of your trolley.



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    1. One of the best bits of golf kit I have used.

      Stewart X9 Follow Golf Trolley.
      I’ve been playing golf at a high level for over 50 years and I would say that the X9 Follow is the one of the best bits of golf kit I have used.
      So far, it’s been excellent. It takes a bit of getting used to but once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s a joy.
      I have back and elbow pain that, over the years, has stopped me from playing but with this trolley I can walk upright and not have the strain on my arms that I used to get steering my old electric trolley. It’s a bit like having a caddy to do all the hard work.
      However, the lack of an umbrella holder and a gimballed drinks holder, like almost all other electric trollies have available, is a real shame. I can’t believe that Stewart sell a, relatively expensive, umbrella holder and then tell you that it shouldn’t be used to hold an open umbrella!! You are advised to only use the follow feature in open spaces so in tight spaces, if it’s raining, you have to steer and control the speed of the trolley, which can take both hands, while somehow holding your umbrella. Come on Stewart Golf, sort this out.
      I haven’t had any problems with the trolley although I have seen a number of reviews critical of its reliability and of customer support, I guess only time will tell for me.
      In summary, I love it and if I can have a drinks holder (I believe they have one planned) and an umbrella holder that’s fit for purpose I’ll love it even more.
      on 25th Jul 2017



      (Google Translate)
      on 13th Feb 2017

    3. Super piece of kit

      This is my 2nd Stewart trolley, the first being the X9 Remote. I am so impressed with the service and product quality. The X9Follow is ingenious and whilst somewhat more expensive than the competition, it makes up for it in overall quality, responsiveness and ease of use. It took me one round to get used to the follow mode and has made every round since, very enjoyable. on 2nd Feb 2017

    4. Fantastico

      Really wonderful product. Sometimes the connection is missed (more or less one time a game). I switch off the trolley and after one minute it works perfectly again. Incredible how it follows you in any part of the court!! on 2nd Jan 2017

    5. X9 followbarriada

      Does exactly what is says on the tin. Just a few teething problems whilst getting used to it, but a fantastic piece off kit to use. Just like having someone carry your clubs. on 17th Nov 2016

    6. Brilliant!!

      It allows me to focus more on the Golf! on 21st Sep 2016

    7. Changing your enjoyment of the game

      Play on a very hilly course and having played just a few rounds with the X9 Follow it's completely changed every round. So much easier to get around and feel almost like you now have a caddie for each round (without the technical help though) helping you enjoy the game so much more. One of my best every golf purchases. on 1st Aug 2016

    8. love it

      it improve my golf, less stress and fatique on 12th Jun 2016

    9. Love It. Love It.

      Even my worst shots are forgot the moment my X9 follow springs to life.

      Adds a whole new dimension of fun to a game I already love.

      Every self respecting gadget freak has got to get one.
      on 3rd Dec 2015

    10. Very,very impressive

      Yes this is expensive but it really makes playing golf a pleasure and even more fun.
      All the standard features are excellent but the follow feature is very special. On the fairway it so relaxing walking along and talking to your partner knowing that your trolley is following faithfully behind.
      If this product proves durable ( which it should for the price ) then I will be absolutely delighted with the purchase.
      on 7th Nov 2015

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    Introducing the NEW Stewart Golf X9 Follow

    For further information visit www.stewartgolf.com/X9follow The latest version of the X Series from Stewart Golf now follows you down the fairway at the touch of a button. Check out the video to watch it in action and see how it works. Filmed on location at Penina Hotel & Golf Resort (http://www.penina.com/). Video produced by http://www.jgrinsdale.co.uk/
  • Warranty Information

    Q: What happens if two (or more) of the same group are using an X9 Follow? Will they interfere with one another?
    A: Every X9 (Follow & Remote) has a unique transmission code that it uses via bluetooth (just like your mobile device has its own name). This means that only the handset supplied with your X9 will be able to control your trolley. Devices that output electrical signals can affect the two zones that the X9 Follow creates, and therefore performance. This includes other X9 Follow machines, but if you stay 5 meters apart then there should not be any issues. Other devices that transmit or create radio or magnetic fields can affect performance.

    Q: Can you make the trolley go in front rather than behind?
    A: No. When you lead, the patent-pending electronics system within the X9 Follow knows where you (or more accurately, the handset) is, and therefore where to go. If the trolley was in front of you, how would it know where to go next?

    Q: What happens if you walk too close to a lake/bunker/edge of a bridge.
    A: The X9 Follow does not have any external sensors to look for danger, so there is every chance it could get wet/sandy/damaged if used inappropriately. When you're out on the golf course, it's up to you to choose whether to steer manually using the handle, use the remote control function or the follow mode. It's a bit like using cruise control on your car. It's perfect for a motorway but not so useful in town or a car park. Ultimately you are in control of the machine.

    Q: Why does the handset need to go on my back pocket or belt?
    A: The X9 Follow's control system follows the handset, not the golfer. If the handset is kept in the golfer's hand or placed in a front pocket, it's motion swings back and forth. This 'back & forth' motion will cause the X9 Follow to accelerate and brake accordingly. If the handset is on a back pocket or belt, it's motion will be smoother, and therefore the X9 Follow's motion will be smoother.

    Q: Will the X9 Follow keep up if I run?
    A: As shown in the video, the 'Active Zone' has a radius of about 5m. The X9 Follow has a top speed of approximately 6mph, so if you run faster than that you will eventually leave the 'Active Zone' and the X9 Follow will stop as it does not know where to go next.

    Q: Is there an app that I can use to control the X9 Follow?
    A: Because of the use of Bluetooth technology, it is possible to design a smartphone app to control the X9 Follow. However at the moment, one does not exist.

    Q: Can I activate the follow mode from 50m and have the X9 Follow find me?
    A: No, you can only activate the follow mode from inside the Neutral Zone.

    Q: Will the battery last for 36 holes?
    A: The battery for the X9 Follow is guaranteed for 18 holes, and in many cases will do many more.

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