Black Friday | X9 Follow


We are lighting up Black Friday with a £300 discount on all new X9 Follow machines.

MD David Funnell said: “This is our first-ever Black Friday sale so we decided to offer this huge price reduction. We have never discounted our machines before so this is a complete one-off for us and may never be repeated!”

We has previously offered free Tour Bags with all X9 Follows during promotional periods such as Christmas but this ‘flash’ promotion is a new departure for our Gloucestershire-based headquarters. 

The X9 Follow boasts a highly-advanced electronics system that allows golfers to walk their course totally handsfree and with their bag and clubs following obediently a few paces behind them.

The X9 Follow can also be operated in manual-steering and remote-control modes as appropriate, but under Follow mode the trolley constantly monitors the position of the handset and maintains an exact distance from it at all times.

COO Robert Hardie said: “Follow technology is the Sky+ of golf trolleys: once you’ve used it you’ll never want to not have it! It’s just like having your own caddie but you don’t have to give it ten per cent of your winnings!”.

The offer only runs from Friday 24th until midnight on Monday 27th and applies to all versions of the X9 Follow, including the extended capacity option and Signature range.

Famous Friday - Sir Steve Redgrave

Sir Steve Redgrave is arguably THE Olympic legend, winning back-to-back medals in rowing during the '84, '88, '92, ’96 and 2000 Olympic Games. He is Britain's greatest-ever Olympian and received the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Lifetime Achievement award in 2011.  Sir Steve is also well known for his charitable work with the Steve Redgrave [...]

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Taking Care of Your R Series Push trolley

Like any piece of equipment, the better you look after your R1 or R1-S trolley the better it will perform and the longer it will last.When we were designing it, a major part of the brief was to make it as easy as possible to maintain - and we did just that.The gears and folding mechanism [...]

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The golf equivalent of a Star Wars Storm Trooper

Trip Reporter have recently reviewed and tested our range topping X9 Follow. As this trolley features class leading follow capability, Andy Mossack (Managing Editor) just had to try the machine out for himself. Including class leading electronics, Bluetooth connectivity, integrated stabiliser and downhill braking; we were confident he wouldn't be disappointed. We are pleased to announce we [...]

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Famous Friday - Sir Clive Woodward

A true icon of English rugby, Sir Clive Woodward was of course the head coach of the squad that won the World Cup in Australia in 2003. His passion for competition doesn't stop at rugby; he was also Director of Sports for team GB throughout the Beijing and London Olympics. Outside of sports, Sir Clive [...]

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Swedish Article on X9 Follow

See in SwedishGo to KittadStewart X9 Follow - the sharpest knife in the box Stewart Golf's majestic product is a golf cart that can do so much more than others. With such finesse in handling, this can be the best caddie on the theme, "show up, keep up, shut up". As an old saying goes, a good caddy should [...]

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Stewart Golf Break Sales Records Again

Stewart Golf have once again broken their own records by posting spectacular 37% growth for 2016/17. Underpinning the headline figure is growth of 57% in sales of X Series electric trolleys, and 29% growth in sales of the R1-S Push trolley. The record output has occurred in a year where the company purchased and moved in to a new [...]

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Famous Friday - Matt Le Tissier

Matt Le Tissier is a Southampton legend and former England player. Matt 'Le God' as he is fondly known by Southampton fans has been a great advocate of Stewart Golf products having originally purchased his first machine back in 2007. Originally, Matt preferred his carry bag while playing; powered trolleys never appealed as they required him [...]

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Parvalux Vs Lemac Motors

It is crucial to know which motor your X or F series trolley has before you order a new one. Your machine will not run with mismatching motors. If our service team asks you to identify the motor type, this blog will guide you through it: Remove one rear wheel via the quick release button on the hub. Revealed [...]

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Dynamic Chipping Competition with Partners Virgin Atlantic

Our partners at Virgin Atlantic invited us to join their gold members golf day at the prestigious Woburn golf and country club. We decided to mix golfers rounds up a little by positioning ourselves on the 10th tee to offer players a chance to win the innovative R1-S Push trolley. How the Chipping Competition works  Have 3 [...]

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