Occasional Bluetooth issues? Don't worry, that's perfectly normal


Customers sometimes ask us why their handset and trolley occasionally lose their Bluetooth pairing for a few seconds and the answer is that Bluetooth is by far the best communications technology available, which is why it is so widely used and why we use it, but like any wireless solution it has an effective range; can be interfered with; and can be obscured.

If the handset and trolley become out of range the Bluetooth pairing will be lost. In this situation, the trolley will stop and both blue lights will flash. There is no need to press the blue on/off button on the handset or turn the trolley power off either: simply walk towards the trolley until the handset is back in range and the two will automatically pair again.

It is possible that another device using either Bluetooth or a radio frequency may conflict with the Bluetooth pairing between the trolley and handset. If this happens, again the trolley will stop and both blue lights will flash. Again, there is no need to press the blue on/off button on the handset or turn the trolley power off either: the handset and trolley are programmed to automatically re-pair using Bluetooth if the pairing is interrupted and will do so within a few seconds.

Finally, if line of sight is lost between the handset and the trolley the Bluetooth pairing may be lost: for instance, if the handset is one side of an earth mound on the course and the handset is the other, or if trees or buildings or even people are inbetween the handset and the trolley. As with loss of pairing due to out-of-range or interference, do not turn off the handset or turn off the trolley power: the handset and trolley will automatically re-pair using Bluetooth and will do so within a few seconds.

Only if the handset has become turned off and the blue light is not flashing at all should the blue on/off button be depressed to instigate the pairing process again.

Ensuring that the handset is fully charged after every round of golf played is also very important: low battery power in the handset can affect the range in which the handset will work and the stability of the signal produced. 

The last F Series trolley rolls off the Stewart Golf production line

The last F Series trolley has rolled off the Stewart Golf production line, marking the end of almost 10 years of production of the machine at the company's HQ in Gloucestershire. Introduced in 2008 as the world's most compact remote-controlled golf trolley, it was the first with a three-part folding chassis and integrated golf bag. Its compact design allowed it [...]

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Stewart Golf Report Record Numbers Again

Premium trolley manufacturer Stewart Golf has released details of bumper Christmas sales and impressive performance for 2016 as a whole.Added value Christmas promotions on X, F & R Series trolleys were all received very well by the trade and consumers alike, resulting in a like-for-like increase of 44% when compared to the last two months [...]

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STEWART GOLF announce their Christmas promotions for 2016!

British trolley brand Stewart Golf has released details of its two Christmas promotions for 2016. 1) Every golfer who purchases an X9 Follow before 31st December 2016 will receive a FREE Stewart Golf T5 Tour Bag. 2) Every golfer who purchases an R1-S Push before the 31st December 2016 will receive a FREE boot tidy and set [...]

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British trolley manufacturer Stewart Golf is proud to announce the colourful New R1-S Push.Three bold new wheel colour options have been added to the current range, which means the R1-S is now available with an anodic black or pearl white frame and a choice of black, white, red, blue and green wheels. The limited ‘Platinum [...]

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Stewart Golf take competition winners to The Masters

Day before the flight When we first thought about offering one of our customers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to come with us Augusta for the Masters, it sounded like a great idea. All we had to do was make it happen, but that was way back last summer and so there was ages to go yet... It also seemed a long way [...]

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The luxury trolley that makes for a good walk, unspoiled

In the beginning, links golf was played on foot. And with the exception of players who physically require a buggy (aka cart), it still is today. If you ask me, it’s one of the things that makes golf in Scotland so appealing. After all, the human body is genetically engineered for walking. Yet most of us don’t do nearly [...]

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Kevin Stevenson Reviews his new R1 Push

Loading the car Well I just got my shiny new R1 push and I was dying to use it but the weather is very inclement. I keep looking out of the window expectantly but the rain has just set in for the day. By lunchtime my desire to play has overtaken my common sense so I start loading up [...]

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The NEW F1-S Remote meets the Porsche 911

It’s been just over 2 weeks now since the much anticipated launch of the new F1-S Remote and the response from the public and industry alike has been fantastic. Folding small enough to fit in the boot of a Porsche 911 and Audi R8, The F1-S has come a long way since its launch as the [...]

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Stewart Golf launch New F1-S Remote

We are proud to announce the release of of a new version of our innovative F1 Lithium model; the world’s most compact folding remote controlled trolley. The new F1-S Remote is aimed at those golfers who desire the freedom of a well balanced, remote control machine on the golf course, but have limited storage space in [...]

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