Water Ingress to Handset


The silicone skin we provide with the handset for the X9 Remote and Follow trolleys protects the handset and must always be fitted to the handset except when charging. In addition, once charging is complete the small rubber plug must be fitted back into the charging port. 

Doing both of these things means that the handset will remain showerproof. It will not, however, be totally waterproof. Water and electronics are natural enemies and you must take care to make sure no water ever gets inside the handset. 

For instance: 

  • Never allow the handset to be immersed in water and don't wash it
  • If you want to wash the silicon skin, remove it from the handset before washing it and dry it thoroughly before replacing it
  • If you use the handset in the rain or other wet conditions, remove the silicone skin as soon as you have finished playing and wipe both handset and silicone skin dry to remove any any moisture that may have found its way down the edges of the silicone skin. 
  • Don't store the handset anywhere that water might get into it

X & F Series Maintenance

Taking proper care of your X or F series trolley won’t just keep it looking better, it’ll keep it working better too.When using the trolley, do not drive it through deep puddles or allow the trolley to become submerged in streams or rivers or ponds. Should you accidentally allow the trolley to be submerged you should immediately turn off the [...]

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Stewart Golf Complete Move to New Home

We are excited to announce our brand new factory is now ready for us to move into. We are transferring both production lines (R1-S Push and X Series) to join at the Waterwells Business Park. Thanks to a dedicated team working tirelessly during this moving period, we will be operational by Tuesday 18th April.For future correspondence, use [...]

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Innovative trolley manufacturer Stewart Golf has released details of its new X-Treme; the world's first truly all-terrain golf trolley.The company developed the X-Treme, which features Caterpillar tracks in place of standard or winter wheels, after being snowed under by requests from golfers in regions such as Alaska, Canada and Northern Scandinavia where winter golf is a growing sport.Featuring military [...]

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Advance notification: The price of the X Series trolley will be increasing soon

As you probably know, here at Stewart Golf we take great pride in building our machines here in Great Britain, sourcing as many components locally as possible. Although many are based locally, the majority of our component suppliers ultimately source their raw materials in either US Dollars or Euros. This means that our manufacturing cost has [...]

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Premium trolley manufacturer Stewart Golf has announced the purchase of a brand-new £1m, 10,500sq ft factory in Gloucestershire. Since starting the business and manufacture of its premium electric golf trolleys in an idyllic converted Cotswolds coach house in 2000, Stewart Golf added a second warehouse 2.5 miles away in 2012 to accommodate growing storage needs. The [...]

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Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Swingers Season 14 - Stewart Golf Partnership Announced

Stewart Golf has been confirmed as a partner for season 14 of the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Swingers competition. Official press release below: Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Swingers Season 14 set for final in FloridaFlying Club Swingers, Virgin Atlantic’s innovative loyalty golf programme, returns for a fourteenth season this Spring with some brand new competitions and [...]

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Occasional Bluetooth issues? Don't worry, that's perfectly normal

Customers sometimes ask us why their handset and trolley occasionally lose their Bluetooth pairing for a few seconds and the answer is that Bluetooth is by far the best communications technology available, which is why it is so widely used and why we use it, but like any wireless solution it has an effective range; [...]

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The last F Series trolley rolls off the Stewart Golf production line

The last F Series trolley has rolled off the Stewart Golf production line, marking the end of almost 10 years of production of the machine at the company's HQ in Gloucestershire. Introduced in 2008 as the world's most compact remote-controlled golf trolley, it was the first with a three-part folding chassis and integrated golf bag. Its compact design allowed it [...]

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Stewart Golf Report Record Numbers Again

Premium trolley manufacturer Stewart Golf has released details of bumper Christmas sales and impressive performance for 2016 as a whole.Added value Christmas promotions on X, F & R Series trolleys were all received very well by the trade and consumers alike, resulting in a like-for-like increase of 44% when compared to the last two months [...]

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